It is an honour for us having been invited at the World Health Summit in Berlin. We cordially ask you to get more information about MedGuide and the app, which we will release as a beta version in mid-November.
What is it about? Below you will find a handout (1 page / PDF). Do you know someone who might be interested? Then please recommend us to others.

Better medical understanding promotes sustainably individual health



We want to make life easier – in the communication between doctor and patient. It doesn't matter where you come from, what language you speak, and what kind of health education you have acquired.


Our MedGuide-App 

  • supports a detailed clinical anamnesis,
  • reveals a wide range of possible pre-existing health conditions,
  • clarifies the necessary physical examinations,
  • explains the next diagnostic steps and
  • indicates required follow-up treatments


The self-developed and award-winning illustrations support and endow the understanding of health, even for those who have little or no literacy or do not speak the language of the doctor.

This saves time in providing assistance and simplifies medical processes.

Comprehensive content by many – integrated in one app

MedGuide covers a broad spectrum of general medical aspects. MedGuide contains several thousand Q & As according to the ICD / International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. 

  • The previous books are already being used extensively by general practitioners. 
  • We also offer another edition for pregnant women. 
  • An additional publication supports psychiatric diagnosis – including general psychiatric history, post-traumatic stress disorder, multiple dependencies, or diagnosis of dementia (as examples).

All of this “Made in Germany” is being integrated into one app.

Our invitation to you : Test MedGuide-App

We invite you to experience the app! In these days we launch the beta-version in languages like English, German, Russian, Arab, Farsi, Tigrinya (Afric. / Eritrea).

We are very committed to making this medical assistance more accessible. That is why we are now looking for project partners and supporters for this mission: on all continents where migration is evident. A wider network enables us to extend the database with more languages, features and for specific needs. 

Please recommend us to those, who would like to cooperate. Because better medical understanding promotes sustainably individual health.


Voca Vision is a young and independent start-up company: we support the best possible communication between foreign-language patients and medical staff. 

We have gained vast experience in the last years of migration in Europe. 

With this MedGuide, we now want to carry this knowledge further into the world: 

wherever people are in need.

Please contact:
Michael Schwarz, Vocavision / Germany
Tel. +49 4841 / 770 99 94