Multilingual Picture Board / Nurse and Patient


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choose ENGLISH with Arabic, Farsi/Persian, Russian, Turkish, Tigrinya (African lang./Eritrea), Kurmanci (Kurdisch), Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian.

Reliable support nurses and patients!

We support the nursing care. The Multilingual Picture Board shows the most important topics in everyday clinical practice. They allow you to communicate with foreign-language patients easily and without wasting any time. This can help in almost all common situations in the hospital, nursing home, outpatient and home care service.

Our Multilingual Picture Board make you independent of interpreters and third parties. You understand reliably what your patient needs and can explain nursing activities.

These version are also available in German HERE.

part 1: nursing care

over 150 illustrated questions and answers

see our previews HERE

part 2: patient

over 120 illustrated questions and answers

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we ship in 14 business days for this international version

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