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What is MedGuide about?

General medicine, pregnancy and midwifery, mental health and more

MedGuide-books: the real help in everyday clinical practice

Do you have foreign language patients?

We provide reliable translations for various medical topics. Our detailed "MedGuide"-Books make you largely independent of automated translation engines and paid interpreter services.

With the "MedGuide"-Books you can 

  • get in your clinical exploration a detailed medical history
  • explain physical examinations
  • tell your patient the next diagnostic steps
  • explain further treatments

The contents are supported by detailed illustrations.
Conclusion: you save time while helping.

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(Michael Schwarz)

MedGuide: proven in action

from the refugee camp in Lesvos / Greece: "The translator managers came up me and said that the MedGuide publications are so helpful because the Farsi/Persian speakers can see Arabic and the other way. This helps them when they know several languages in addition to English." Ms Tama, Medical Team for Migrants and Refugees, Jan 2021

Reliable help also for Nurse and Patient!

We support the nursing care. The Multilingual Picture Board shows the most important topics in everyday clinical practice. They allow you to communicate with foreign-language patients easily and without wasting any time. This can help in almost all common situations in the hospital, nursing home, outpatient and home care service.

Our  Multilingual Picture Board make you largely independent of interpreters and third parties. You understand reliably what your patient needs and can explain nursing activities.
As in the MedGuide books, the content are supported by detailed illustrations. 

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Berlin:
"The MedGuide / medical phrasebooks make a valuable contribution to improving communication between doctor and patient."
Dr Maria Flachsbarth, Parliamentary State Secretary, November 2019

Feedback from the rescue ship sea watch (Mediterranean) for refugees from Africa:

"Rescue at sea and subsequent medical care are not possible without communication. Sea-Watch uses MedGuide as a means of communication even in extreme situations and saves people from drowning - in helplessness and quite literally, giving them a voice again to better understand their basic needs." Jan S., Berlin, November 2019

"MedGuide: a sustainable contribution to a responsible common future" Prof Dr U. Stoltenberg, Leuphana University of L√ľneburg / Faculty of Sustainability